What do you do with the houses?

In a nutshell, we sell them. After we close on your house, we begin the rehab process. Our licensed contractors do all the work necessary to quickly increase the resale value of the house and get it back on the market. Once the house sells again to new owners, you get your cut of the profit. From start to finish we’ll be communicating with you and keeping you updated.

Does my house even qualify for this?

A good rule of thumb is that we look for single and multi-family homes built before 1997. But, more generally, we’re open to buying any house in any condition. This is because the real estate market is constantly changing. Each home is carefully evaluated by our team on a case-by-case basis.

When do I get paid again?

You get paid a second time after the house is resold and closed upon. The resale process typically takes between 1 - 6 months. We’ll keep you 100% updated as the process moves along.

Won’t I make more money if I sell the house another way?

Probably not. Selling your house in any other way means that your transaction is done upon closing. In other words, once your house is sold, it’s sold. In addition to that, you lose more money to realtor fees and paying your mortgage and bills while waiting months for an offer. warm slate is the only way to earn a share of the after repair value of your property without making the repairs yourself.

Are you available in my town?

warm slate is currently available in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania metropolitan and surrounding areas. We’re expanding quickly so make sure your check back often.

What if I’m behind on my mortgage?

That's perfectly fine. With a combined 45 years of real estate experience, we know that any real estate obstacle can be overcome. The truth is that there’s many good reasons you might be behind on your mortgage. This isn’t the end of the world. Reach out to us and we can help you with getting your house sold, getting your credit repaired (if need be), and moving on with your life.

What if I’m already listed with a realtor?

That’s not a problem at all. After we get in touch with you, we can arrange a time to speak with your realtor. Having a realtor doesn’t affect whether or not you can still receive your second check!


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