Skip the repairs.

Get paid like you didn’t.

warm slate connects home-sellers with qualified residential redevelopers. Sell your home in as-is condition, get paid, then get a second paycheck when your house is flipped and re-sold.
Selling your home has never been more profitable.

How it works



Once you accept our all-cash offer on your house, we close on your timeline. You get paid. No realtor fees or repairs necessary.


Repairs & renovations

warm slate gets to work. Our team of contractors, architects, and inspectors increases your property's resale value. All at no risk to you.


Collect your 2nd paycheck

In about 3-6 months, the newly remodeled house has sold to a new buyer. You get your bonus check in the mail with your share of the profits.

Upgrade the way you sell

Partner with real estate experts.
Invest in yourself.

warm slate

  • No realtor fees or repair costs
  • Flexible closing and move out dates
  • Risk-free profit sharing
  • Earn equity in after repair price
  • 2x value

Traditional Listings

  • Wait 1-2 months for an offer
  • Keep paying your mortgage, bills, HOA fees
  • Take price cut for seller-demanded repairs
  • Wait 1-2 months for closing
  • Lose ~6% to realtor fees
  • No repair equity

Cash Buyers

  • Discount 20-30% property value up-front
  • Risk more $$ working with questionable dealers
  • Take what you can get for quicker turnaround
  • No repair equity

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